Love is all around on Valentine’s Day – including in the Carinity Cedarbrook aged care community.

It’s said that “absence makes the heart grow fonder”, and that was the case for Ron and Jan Hallett.

After meeting at teachers’ college as teenagers, the young couple spent a whole year apart when they commenced their careers: Jan in the Sydney suburb of Bondi and Ron near Albury, in rural New South Wales.

“We had met at an end-of-year college camp. We just hit it off and we continued to love one another and wanted to spend time together into the future,” Ron said.

“During that next year we only met at holiday times, but our relationship strengthened and we decided that we would become engaged.

“We requested the Department of Education appoint us to the same school on the Central Coast.”

Ron, now 90, and Jan, 91, were married in 1953. Ron later ministered as a Uniting Church pastor, which saw the couple live in towns such as Albury, Berry, Newcastle and Parkes.

The Halletts had three children including an adopted daughter, who between them gifted the couple seven grandchildren and 17 great grandchildren.

“Jan and I feel fortunate to love one another dearly and we’re so thankful we have one another,” Ron said.

Jan believes hers and Ron’s Christian faith and their “strong marriage” of 70 years has helped the couple endure many hardships and family tragedies.

“We’ve been committed to one another and been involved in so much together. Ron has always been very special in my life and I’m so thankful that we’re still together.”

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