Dining is an art and meals should please the palate, not just satiate the appetite.

Carinity Cedarbrook creates customised menus for residents according to their personal taste preferences, with nutritious meals prepared by skilled chefs and cooks.

“The aged care dining experience is quickly adjusting – with the expectation of restaurant-quality meals which Carinity is delivering,” Carinity Hospitality Services Manager Selena Argentati explains.

“All meals are freshly made on site by our catering team. Each wing of Carinity’s aged care communities has a dedicated kitchen and dining area where residents dine together.

“We have employed chefs or experienced cooks at every site to maintain the high standard of food, presentation and quality expected by our residents, family members and ourselves.”

Offering a greater choice of cuisine is a key ingredient to the resident experience at Carinity aged care communities.

Carinity provides six meals each day – of a residents’ choice – and available at any time of the day including main meals, morning and afternoon teas, supper and healthy snacks such as fresh fruit.

As well as the alluring aroma of freshly prepared food, the enhanced presentation of meals stimulates residents’ taste buds.

Main meals are plated in front of the seated residents. This sparks the resident’s senses as the dining area fills with aromas of the meals.

All meals are cooked on site using up to 95 per cent locally sourced fresh produce.

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