A calming influence and a listening ear delivering support to those in need, chaplains play an important role in the lives of many people every day.

As chaplain at Carinity Cedarbrook, John Hopping supports seniors who may be experiencing a difficult time in their lives.

“A chaplain’s role is diverse. For me it entails room visits, running church services, holding a Bible discussion and prayer group, taking residents on bus trips, helping with resident activities, and being available for a chat,” John said.

John says Cedarbrook residents feel supported and confident knowing they can have confidential interactions with their chaplain.

“I enjoy the opportunity to develop relationships with residents, families and staff and to meet some of their spiritual needs. I enjoy hearing positive feedback about the services I run, that people have been helped and supported in some way,” John said.

“I aim to offer encouraging and uplifting messages in my services. I’m pleased if I can offer some spiritual support to anyone at Cedarbrook.”

Carinity has chaplains who support people in aged care communities, hospitals, schools and correctional centres across Queensland.

Contributions to the Carinity Chaplains Appeal will help ensure chaplains like John can continue their vital work in the community.

Donate online or phone (07) 3550 3737.

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